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                                      COOL COMFORT 


                                       NOW 25% OFF


Made for sleeping and never going flat!  This stretch knit is made from bamboo fibers.. that means a cooling feel to you!  The plump you see? Well, that's a fluffable, adjustable, scrunchably soft, proprietary blend of the fine milled poly-cushions made from you guessed it..Cool Gel.  This also means cooling feel to you!..and of course a supple comfort that you wont find elsewhere.  


                              MULTI-POSITIONED COMFORT


Tested by many nights of sleep, our pillow is simply the best!  And it ships free!  We gaurantee a great feel and a soft support that you want.  Fluff it, bunch it, and sleep on the various sides depending upon your proper position.  Side Sleepers:  Lay pillow on the side seam.   Back Sleepers: Lay pillow flat.  Stomach Sleeper: Bunch fill to end.

Bamboo Slumber-Cool Gel Pillow

SKU: 33WXPL2026
$59.99 Regular Price
$40.19Sale Price
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