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                                         TWO SIDED LUXURY




One side features a 2 inch supple, eco latex layer supported by edge to edge, mini-pocketed coils. And if you prefer something less soft, then you flip the mattress to reveal the firm side: a firmer feel, non-latex, sleeping surface that is also supported by the same gentle pocketed mini-coils.  The height of this mattress is a perfectly sized 10 inches making it flexible enough to work perfectly on an adjustable bed.  Our multi-faceted research concludes that thicker mattresses, with their truly unessary bulk, misses the pleasing asthetic of the Irelyn.


                               HAND MADE UPGRADE


Pelican Mattress Factory is small batch factory producing bench built quality, piece by piece by our craftsman.  So, our details are not lost in the high volume.  We believe our U.S. workers are the best at their craft.


                                        FREE SHIPPING


Easy delivery to your door.  Our roll pack compression machine takes the luxurious Irelyn and protects it into a 16" x 16" x 60" box.  We include a handy letter opener to allow it to expand in it's final restsing place. 





Irelyn Latex Mattress

$475.00 Regular Price
$425.00Sale Price
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